What’s new SumTotal’s Latest Release 19.1

Today, we announced the latest version of SumTotal Customers spoke, and we listened. In fact, a significant portion of the enhancements we made is a direct result of customer input via our Design Partner Program. I believe, with these new features and functionality we are demonstrating that SumTotal products are market-friendly and very end-user aware.

So, what is included in this release?

We made a ton of updates. Since there are too many to explore in this blog post, here are several highlights. These are some of the critical changes that will significantly enhance the experience of working with SumTotal’s products and hopefully contribute towards making your job easier to complete. I’ve added screenshots to give you a visual of some of these changes.

Talent Development

We’ve extended our REST-based integration framework to allow customers and partners to easily integrate SumTotal with their internal HR and business systems and extend the functionality of the SumTotal suite. Some areas where this benefits include goals, gamification and recruiting.

Career mobility enhancements

Employees can create personalized development plans, with multiple goal periods and an interactive progress bar, to promote more agile career growth and mobility within their organization.

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